• hi, i am wondering why you blocked meĀ ?!

    i am new to the logopedia and was just completing my profile info and figuring out how this website works, and while i was at that i got blocked...

    please help and or explain to me why?

    grts, myrdin sommer

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    • Hello,

      Your edits looked like spam, so I removed them. You can ask local admins about unban here.

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    • i suggest that in the future, you first try to contact a person before you go and ban people and delete all the work they put into their page!

      if i did something wrong, would have been nice if you helped me to change things..

      grts, myrdin

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    • oh, and if you have the power to ban, than why cant you go and unban me?

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    • A FANDOM user
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