• Something in this template is causing the navboxes to have two collapse switches instead of one (as seen here). Can someone please find out what's causing this?

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    • You have duplicate code on MediaWiki:Wikia.js and MediaWiki:Common.js. I suggest removing the code from Wikia.js since Common.js covers both skins.

      Also, the code for the "Experimental javascript countdown timer" is unneeded cause you have an import for it on the bottom of Common.js. There is an import for ShowHide as well if you want to have it all in one import.

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    • We tried the above, and it didn't work. I'm pretty sure the issue is in the code of the main navbox template.

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    • It is still loading the old JavaScript from before your edits. With the new JavaScript review process you need to submit your changes and have them approved by the Staff before they will take effect.

      The Navbox template itself seems to be a verbatim copy of Wikipedia (despite no attribution), and I don't see anything wrong with it.

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