• Hey Nifky,

    I am reviewing which users are going to represent the VSTF in 2015. Honestly, I have not considered you an active VSTF member for a while. Is the VSTF role something you see yourself stepping back into in 2015 or would you rather focus on other things here at Wikia? If the latter, I'm going to remove the rights to tidy up things. Please let me know by end of this week.

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    • Hey there, since I haven't heard back from you regarding this on a number of platforms and you have been inactive for a while, I am going to go ahead and remove your VSTF rights to make sure we have an active and current group of users representing Wikia.

      I genuinely thank you for your time serving our group and please let me know if there are any other programs at Wikia you are interested in.

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