• On both The Last Stand Wiki and The Sims Wiki, I am getting an error that says "your Level 2 menu is too wide. Please shorten the menu to fit" on The Last Stand Wiki, and "your Level 1 menu is too wide. Please shorten the menu to fit" on The Sims Wiki. I don't know why this error pops up even when I haven't touched anything. The current settings are displayed just fine with no errors or glitches, and this error didn't occur in the past even with the same code.

    Is this a temporary issue or do both wikis need to redesign their navigation bar?

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      I think that there might be a problem with the javascript width checking, and that you should report each specific instance using Special:Contact

      While it's certainly a nice idea, the implementation seems to be broken, so preventing the page from being saved without a mandatory width check seems like a bad idea.

      Solutions to avoid the broken width check:

      • Zoom out
      • Move the page, edit, move page back
      • Special:Export, edit file, Special:Import
      • Edit the CSS using the browser inspector to reduce the width of the tabs
      • Apply personal CSS to reduce the width of the tabs in the editor preview - I just came up with this idea, and it seems like the best personal solution so you don't have to worry about it in future.
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    • The last one looks like it's the best solution (I did try the second option on my test wiki and it worked, though it broke the navigation bar during the process, and on a busy wiki it's bound to be noticed by someone). I assume it's this one? I'll put it in my global.css file and try it out, thanks for sharing!

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    • I've also noticed this issue is limited to Google Chrome 37. Other browsers and older versions of Chrome seem to work without the fix.

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