• 1) I earlier established a The Casual Vacancy wiki, and later a Cormoran Strike wiki, but I have since decided that it's rather silly to have two separate wikis (besides, the URL of the second one is far too long), so I have decided to merge them into one, The J. K. Rowling Adult Fiction Wiki. I am wondering, is there any simple way (e.g. a bot) of copying all pages from both old wikis into the new one? I plan to copy the Casual Vacancy wiki first, and move all its pages into the CV namespace to prevent clash, before doing the other one.

    2) Does Wikia have any facility for setting the display title of a page, as Wikipedia does? It would be helpful if c:jkraf:CV:The_Casual_Vacancy could display as "The Casual Vacancy" instead of as "CV:The Casual Vacancy" as at present.

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      1) No bot necessary: Special:Export and Special:Import - you can edit the xml file to change the namespace before importing if necessary. For full license compliance, make sure you export all edits, not just the most recent revision.

      2) Yes. {{DISPLAYTITLE:title}}


      Format the current page's title header. The value must be equivalent to the default title: only capitalization changes and replacing spaces with underscores are allowed (this can be changed with $wgRestrictDisplayTitle).


      When this option is enabled, users will be able to use the DISPLAYTITLE magic word to override the title of a page, provided the selected title normalises to the same canonical title.

      For example, on a page titled IPod, one can use {{DISPLAYTITLE:iPod}} to force the title to appear as "iPod" when viewed. However, {{DISPLAYTITLE:Foo}} will not work, because "Foo" is not the same title as "IPod". Since MediaWiki 1.14, it is possible to disable this restriction and thus allow any display title by setting $wgRestrictDisplayTitle = false;
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    • In order to change the name of a page, you'd have to have $wgRestrictDisplayTitle set to false.

      For instance, you can choose to change the display of "The Casual Vacancy" to "The Casual Vacancy", but you couldn't change "CV:The Casual Vacancy" to "The Casual Vacancy" without this change. You can request this to be changed on your wikia through Special:Contact.

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