• Hi I'd like to create an infobox drug that is similar to the one on the English Wikipedia for my Wiki (Health and Medicine, how do I do this? I have tried copypasting the source code from this template and seeing what happens, but it looks nothing like what I want! Please help me I am desperate.

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    • I'm unsure what your request is, looking at Dexamfetamine for example the template appears fine. Do you still require help?

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    • By using {{drugbox|..}} you call Template:Drugbox, which in turn calls Template:Infobox and here lies the problem. Wikipedia infobox is superior to what comes with Wikia starterbox.

      If you want wikipidea infobox, you'd need: Template:Infobox and Template:Infobox/row (you'd need to pick an older revision from history, since they switch to LUA recently).

      I doubt that you need that template, or ever use even 1% of what it offers, so maybe it best that you explain which functionality you need, and maybe we can pimp your rideĀ ?

      From a quick look, it looks like all you need is extra rows and rows that work with headers\labels+data\data and more than one image. If so I think that something like this simplified Template:Infobox2 will fit you just fine.

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