• Please help my wiki needs help I need people to come and build a community and work there daily or weekly but I just can't get people there in one second so if you would be so kind and get me some users that know a lot about sciences video games and other stuff it's called gemipedia wiki please help

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    • Maybe this page can help you: Help:Promoting your wiki :D

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    • It appears the topic of your wiki is "Anything." I'm not sure you'll attract many people by making a site about anything. You want to be the one, complete, and reliable source for a single, focused subject. That's what makes Wikia wikis successful.

      Even Wikipedia isn't just about "anything." It's focused on being the one, complete, and reliable source for encyclopedic knowledge and information.

      I would suggest trying to find a focus, a mission, a reason-to-be. If you can explain why I should want to be there and what will be accomplished by contributions to your wiki, then you might start attracting more people who want to acheive that goal. If your goal is "nothing in particular, just post anything," then I think you won't find many people interesting in achieving "nothing in particular."

      Just my two-cents.

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