• Hey Tom. Jeff said I could contact you here regarding the GTA Wiki situation. I just want to say that I'm sorry for overreacting to that vandal and creating a big mess. I should have just left it alone and not pushed the issue. I really would just like to return as a normal editor on GTA Wiki. I have no intentions ever to be a staff member, I just want to be able to stop by and contribute. Hopefully the GTA Wiki-GTA Myths Wiki could return as affiliate again too. I know you may be reading this feel like I am out of it but I really would just like us to make peace. Let's just put this behind us and let it be history. That vandal pushed me over the edge and I wasn't thinking rationally. Please adjust my block. I follow the rules 99.9% of the time and don't want this to forever define who I am and what I have done. Thanks.

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    • I appreciate your apology. But I can't just forget the happenings of last week. Your comments about me were ridiculous assertions, I'm not some oppressive dictator. You seemed unable to look at my points rationally, possibly due to this incorrect notion that I hate you. I don't make the rules, I follow and enforce them, all the policies you broke and despise are standard Wikia policies. This was your fourth block, this should've always been a block for good. When I originally blocked you for two weeks and wrote a request for your demotion I was unaware of your previous blocks, hence why I changed it to a month, though I still stated that I was happy for you to return as a standard staff member once you'd been blocked for the month. Over the following days you continued to insult me and spread false information about why you were demoted. I've tried to explain it so many times but you weren't willing to accept any responsibility.¬†

      You seem to regret it now, which is good. I understand that you only carried it on because you were frustrated. I do tend to give second chances. I'll take this into consideration and let you know if I'm willing to change my mind once the situation is a little less fresh in the memory, so I'll consider changing your block to what it was initially - one month. The GTA and Myths Wiki's share a lot of users so I do think it would be good if our relations were civil again.

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    • Thank you for reconsidering. I acknowledge how I have created this strain and I am truly sorry for it. I was not acting rationally, and I feel embarrassed for myself. Please accept my apologies as I have nothing but regret for my actions.

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    • Hey Tom. It's been almost a week since we last spoke and I was hoping you could change my block on the GTA Wiki. It is approching half a month since the incident happened and I really hope you will unblock me. Please get message me back as soon as you can. If you could just change my block I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    • Tom please unblock me. Yesterday some troubled user from the Myths wiki vandalised by talkpage on GTA Wiki and coppied all of my personal templates. This user¬†Brandon will probably try and vandalise my whole GTA Wiki talkpage if I have to block him again. Tom, I'm a good editor. I made a few mistakes and I am very sorry I did what I did. You are a professional and I completely understand why you did what you did. I really want to get past this and be at peace with you again. We can have the two wikis as affiliates again and everything can be resolved. I am not denying what I did. I ask that you give me a chance so I can regain my reputation and edit on the greatest wiki about GTA. Please Tom leave me a message as soon as you can.

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    • I'm cleaning up the vandalism on his talk page and trying to make sure the GTA Wiki Staff know both sides of the story.

      Now this is just my opinion, but honestly, Tom is within his rights not to want to unblock you. You joined GTA Wiki in November 2012 and have been blocked four times since - twice in March 2013, once in June 2013, and then in May 2014. Compare that to me (never blocked), Dan (never blocked), Tom (never blocked), Ilan (never blocked), JBanton (never blocked), Mikey (blocked once when he was brand new, never again), VaultBoy (never blocked), Dodo8 (never blocked although he might have been had the bureaucrats not all been asleep at the switch during the Rigby2000 incident)...

      Right now, I'm thinking that unblocking you ought to be a decision made jointly between Tom, Dan and Ilan since they're the active bureaucrats and unblocking someone who deliberately flamed out and burned bridges isn't something to be casually done.

      But I will keep an eye on Brandon.marino for you, because whatever you did, he has no right to treat you badly for it and it has nothing to do with whether he follows rules or not.

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    • Sorry about my late reply, the message icon shows 18 new messages constantly and none of them seem to actually be messages to me.

      Anyway, it seems to me that the lesson has sunk in, you seem genuinely sorry and it's good to see that looking back you realise your mistakes. I'd be alright unblocking you so long as you understand that you been promoted again isn't going to happen, and if you step out of line one more time you'll be gone for good. My only concern is the precedent this may set, but I'm not sure that that would be a huge issue.

      The original decision was a one month block and you could come back and edit again if you wanted to, then a lot was said on the Myths Wiki, so I'd basically be forgetting that and giving you the punishment solely for your actions on the GTA Wiki. I think you should complete the month block though.

      I'll make sure this user doesn't vandalise your userpage, since I warned him he seems to have stopped.

      An affiliation between the Wiki's would make sense, but one thing at a time. I'd like to hear what Ilan and Dan have to say about all this.

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    • Thank you for your responce. I fully understand the actions I have done are way out of line and I fully understand that I will never be involved in the staff. If I could come back I will never cause a problem again. Being an editor of the GTA Wiki is one of my favorite things; I will always be appreciative for you forgiving me. Also thank you for fixing my userpage after that user brandon. Thank you.

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    • Hello everyone,

      Sasquatch, I have no problem with unblocking you. The one-month block and inability to be re-promoted block is fair.

      Although I do have something to say about this: while Sasquatch regrets his actions, he is not the first person who begins to regret their actions and ask for forgiveness after being banned, right? And obviously, he won't be the last one. And if we unblock him, what will happen if another staff member would do the same? Will we forgive them, erase all the history and act like it never happened? If we unblock Sasquatch, and then unblock another user, and another one, and so on, when will we stop? We got to draw a line somewhere.

      But, with that said. I personally think that the decision to unblock Sasquatch is Tom's, since he was the one who issued the ban, and both he and Sasquatch were in the center of this little... event.

      As for the affiliation between GTA Wiki and GTA Myths, yep, I support that.

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    • As far as forgiving people, Mikey Klebbitz started his career editing GTA Wiki off by sassmouthing me and getting a 3 day block for it. He apologized, got unblocked early, and went on to become an administrator. Actually, Sasquatch himself has been unblocked early before.

      Wikipedia has a policy that says "blocks are preventative not punitive" - while they go way too far in the direction of not blocking people with "they've already disrupted and aren't going to do it again so there's no point and it's mean" reasoning, it might be relevant here.

      Sasquatch has promised to watch his temper, we've all agreed that one more temper flare-up and he'll be blocked for good with no further appeals considered, and with all this acknowledged it's my opinion there's no reason to keep the block going. Shortening the block without completely undoing it, down to two weeks or even one week, is also a possibility. Of course, Tom was the one who was so badly insulted so he gets more say.

      As far as affiliation goes, I'm fine with it regardless of who serves on staff on Myths Wiki. Editors come to GTA Wiki wanting to write about myths, and directing them to the wiki about myths seems to me like it's a service for the general editor and even the user who doesn't edit just wants to read.

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    • I agree with all this really. Going back to the original block with an understanding that this is his last chance. And directing people to a more relevant Wiki only seems logical.

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    • Just a heads up that it's been a month since Sasquatch's block (May 4th) so if the decision is still to unblock, the month is up.

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