• What sup ? Are you not visiting wikis ?

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    • Yeah, but not so much lately.

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    • So can you answer these Following Questins:

      1) How To make a Template

      2) How To Give or a Edit a Warning messages ?

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    • Well, it's kinda hard to explain how you make a template, but maybe we could go on chat and I can try to explain it while you do it?

      For the second question, you give a warning message by using the Warning template. (it's probably different template name on each wikia) But usually it's like this:

      {{Warning|Your warning here}}

      And edit warning messages, I don't exactly understand what you mean. If you mean the warning that's like already been posted you click More and then Edit the message. If you mean the warning template you just edit it like a normal template.

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    • okay thanx

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    • A FANDOM user
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