• Hi user Vandraedha, I created a new wiki, and I would if you help me with her. Called   Wiki Coraline  is about a film/novel.  The language It's in portuguese, and I realized what you understand one little of portuguese.

    Contact me, the more faster possible! Thanks. 

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    • My apologies, but I actually understand very little portuguese. The number next to the language says how well you know the language, from 0 (not at all/great difficulty) to 5 or N (native speaker/mother tongue). I know wikis well enough that I can do some technical things in many languages (mostly I use a translator and I am very careful).

      I am also currently committed to several existing projects. I cannot abandon them. This means that I cannot contribute significantly to your project right now.

      Looking at the wiki, I noticed that you should definitely coordinate with the main Coraline wiki so that you can add interlanguage links to both wikis.

      Was there something specific (technical) that you needed help with?

      Otherwise, you may get better results by making a request at Coraline Wiki or Requests for editors.

      Best of luck with your new project.

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    • Thanks for your attention, I realized your level in my language, but I guess I'll go give continued at the wiki, alone. Until arrive at one level superior of pages. 

      I am in a new wiki called  Wiki Food Ficção, and I've a question. 

      ---As put the poll in the right?

      If you can answer, passe in the wiki for see the problem:

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    • You're welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't help you more. I do know that there are a few editors with a better understanding of your language than I. You might ask some of the editors in the categories Category:User_pt if they are interested in helping you edit your wiki.

      Yes, you made the poll on that wiki correctly.

      One thing to think about when you make a poll: Polls are reset every time the page with a poll is edited. Therefore, it is often a good idea to make the poll on a separate page, and then transclude that page (the page with the poll) onto the page where you want it to be seen. This way you can edit other things on the page without disrupting the poll.

      If you need help with transcluding, there are some help pages that explain what I mean. The help page Help:Transclusion is in English. There is also a help page at Wikipedia em Português. I think the page at Wikipedia is a little bit confusing. However, I could not find a better help page in Português. The English help page is one of the better explanations I have seen, so you may find that reading both pages will help you to understand it best.

      If you don't know what I'm talking about after you read those pages, please ask me. :-)

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