• Good day Bunai82!

    I was wondering how you typed in the codes for disabling comments. I saw you asking one and it also led me to the avatar wiki page which by putting in categories the comments are disabled. I tried using it but it seems it won't work anymore because they change how the comments showed up according to those in the Avatar wiki. Saw the one in the vocaloid wiki and it works perfectly.

    It would be a great help to me and my co. admins if we were able to use this option cause we need a way to stop spamming comments even for a little while.

    Thank you and Good day again!

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    • I had to use MediaWiki to do it later.

      MediaWiki:Common.js and imported this JS to it.

      I believe by this point the category placement isn't needed, I just keep them there for category reasons.

      Note that moving the page results in the block only working on the page the coding was assigned to.

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    • I see, I missed the one where you need to import it to the Common.js. Now we canĀ  temporarily hold off spammers in some pages of the wiki

      I'm from the Ayakashi: Ghost Guild Wiki and thank you very much!

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    • Hello again I want to ask another question, is it possible to just disable the comment section for the WC for that single article page and how to disable it for the mobile version of the wiki. I know the question is hard but simple or info's that you know about is a much of help.

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    • WC = Wiki comments?

      Adding the page name to the code should only disable, or rather deter comment on that page. I didn't realize that mobile was 'immune' from this, so even I have to find out more about it.

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    • I see, so you even don't know about the mobile then, WC's are the ones labeled "A Wikia Contributor" in the comment, the one's who are anonymus who doesn't have an account. The option to disable the comment was of help but my co. admins said to find a way to disable the comment for the WC's only and not the ones with user accounts.

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    • Nope. The only idea can think of is seeing if someone is savvy enough with an AbuseFilter setting that they can adjusts coding to your request. I'm still studying AbuseFilter myself so I don't know just how detailed it can be about selective commenters.

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