• According to PBS, the US premiere is January 5, 2014. When were you planning to release the custom video?

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    • How about December 18th. Does that work for you ? Would you be able to put the video in your featured video spot on your main page ? I haven't heard back from your colleague yet but I will go ahead and start on the video next week! 

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    • Sounds like a reasonable date. Just put status in this thread and I should see it. I thought about potential video content, but I couldn't think of anything more compelling than what you've outlined so far. If I have any epiphanies, I will post them here.

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    • Hi Fandyllic,

      I've offered my opinion about it here-

      in case you want to chime in at all. Thanks! 

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    • Unless you have better things to do, you should make the video anyway.

      I have thought a little about it and have some ideas:

      • Show short clips of the major characters from Series 1 (Upstairs: Robert, Cora, Mary, Edith, Sybil, Matthew, Isobel, Violet; Downstairs: Carson, Mrs. Hughes, Anna, Bates, Branson, Daisy, Mrs. O'Brien, Thomas, and maybe Mrs. Patmore) in groups or individually, depending on the quality of the video available.
      • Show some highlights of major changes affecting those characters through Series 3:
        • Robert dealing with financial troubles, Cora reacting to various events and dealing with her mother, Mary and Matthew courting, Matthew in the war, Edith getting jilted, Branson courting Sybil and her dying, Isobel and Violet tangling, perhaps ending with Matthew's death.
        • Carson straining the wine and talking to Mrs. Hughes, Anna and Bates courting and events surrounding his arrest, jail time and trial, Daisy being courted by William, reacting to his death and fighting with Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. O'Brien and Thomas plotting together, and Thomas in the war.
        • Throw in various other entertaining scenes: Cora directing Anna and Mary carrying Pamuk's dead body, Edith driving, Matthew saving Sybil during political riot, Violet reaction shots, Robert and his dog, events during the war, Robert at trial, meeting Cora's mom, etc.
      • The end could be a shot of Downton Abbey itself with questions moving through the frame or floating around about situations leading to Series 4:
        • Will Robert save Downton Abbey from financial ruin? Will Cora's family help? How will Mary cope with Matthew's death and her new baby? Will Edith find happiness? What will become of Violet and Isobel? How will Branson integrate with the Crawley family and his daughter?
        • How will Carson and Mrs. Hughes cope with major changes downstairs? Will Anna and Bates escape his past? Will Thomas regain his position in the household? Will Daisy find another?

      I hoe that's not too much to cram into a video and I hope it helps.

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    • These are great suggestions, thank you (though we won't be able to use actual clips from the show, just images). Would you be able to embed the video on the season 4 article page ( if we produce it ? 


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    • Hello, left you a message on my page at Downton wiki and just read this thread.

      So there'll be no clips from the show on the video? So just images and music?

      Or are you planning to have some text as well?

      So I'm guessing the fact that you can't use actual video clips means you don't have the rights for that (it'd be breaking copyright?) but using images only (and I'm presuming different music from the show?) falls under fair use?

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    • Hey man, 

      Thanks for the response. Yes, you are correct about clips- we don't have right to enough clips to make the video out of and the images fall under fair use. Was thinking we'd mimic the format we used for this video which has performed very well ---

      I think we'd be alright using the theme music from the show, btw. 

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    • Okay sounds like it will be more of a montage kind of video (ala Ken Burns).

      We'll look at whatever you come up with.

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