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    I would like to complain that on the Lego message boards wiki last night Soupperson1 was blocked for something I did. On the chat he was singing and saying he was twerking, I can see how this got him banned, but, it should be for like a few days, not forever! That's ridiculous!

    I was doing the same as him and got banned aswell, however, after this I uploaded a picture of a half naked woman twerking, I fully expected to get blocked for that, but, I didn't think it would effect Soup, he didn't do anything on the wiki, only on chat, therefore, it is unfair that he is blocked on the wiki, also,he wasn't even working with me, yeah we trolled the chat together but he didn't know about the picture untill after I had already uploaded it.

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    • Yes, I was aware of this. Earlier today, I shortened his block, and changed the reason.

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