• Hi Jamie. Being the most graphically-inclined member of the ComDev team, I would love to design new logos for those wikis, but I have no experience (or skill) at creating vector graphics (SVG). For a professional job like that, you'd be better off hiring a graphic designer/artist either on your own or at crowdsourcing sites, such as and

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    • Hey Joe! Thank you so much for offerring to help! 

      In the spirit of collaboration, I think I might follow your suggestion to go the DesignCrowd route, and turn this into a community-run contest. Once I set up a project and define my desired outcomes, I'll promote it on the sites and then let the community vote to pick the winner.

      I don't suppose Wikia would be willing to help me with the project costs, would they? (I know Jennifer Betka is just sitting on a pile of cash in her office that she doesn't know how to spend. Right? Seriously though, is that a thing that could happen?)

      What do you think of my plan?

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    • I think that's a wise plan, indeed. Good luck!

      Seriously though, is that a thing that could happen?

      I have no idea, but you could use Special:EmailUser/Jenburton to contact Jen (head of Community Support) to find out.

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    • I've emailed Jen. Thanks again! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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