• I just noticed that there is such a thing, I really want to help. I'm a Hebrew native speaker, as I seen there were also Russians(I also speak Russian), I thought why not Hebrew. You may ask why I don't have a wiki, well the answer is I some how resided on the Avatar wiki and didn't bother to create my own Hebrew wiki. I know you put me on the list for Council, but I believe WIV is where I can truly help.

    Merrystar referred me to you.

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    • Hello,

      Thanks for showing your interest! I will discuss with our Russian team if they need some help. To make it easier for them to check your Russian skills, please try contributing to some Russian wikis (e.g. ru.avatar).

      If our Russian team acknowledges your Russian language skills, we can set up a conversation on Skype to discuss the next steps.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and sorry for late reply!

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    • I speak Russian. I don't live in Russia, and struggle to write. I messaged you because I want to help on the Hebrew side. I speak Hebrew, I write and read flawlessly.

      I did, however, participate in the ru.avatar. I created several pagaes, most of them had some grammar corrections but that's it. Even when I try to write, it takes me some time to figure out the letters and whatnot.

      Thanks for the reply.

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    • Hello,

      I have spoken with the RU team - seems that your written Russian language skills aren't advanced enough for participating in the Russian team, sorry for that!

      As for HE wikis, the current community is too small for us to actively support it - however that doesn't mean that you cannot help and make it possible! Most of the things you would be helping with on the IVT are things you can do as a regular user as well. The best way to increase Hebrew traffic (and grow the community) is to create a wiki about a topic you love and can contribute to (the Hebrew Avatar wiki for example). If you like, I can help you applying the English wiki's background, color scheme and logo to the wiki as well as give you admin rights on there to help you get started.

      Let me know whether I can help you with it! :)

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    • I know my Russian skills aren't great enough. I, however, can help Russian wikis with things like maintenance and such(I actually have experience with maintenance, worked at doing it ^^). I can help the admins though Skype if needed.

      I'm not that great in managing wikis so making me admin on the Hebrew Avatar wiki would be pointless. If I'll be WIV, I can browse though other Hebrew wikis and help them by giving tips, directing them(whatever I learned from the English wiki) etc.

      You mentioned that the community is too small, It's not really a thing that needs to worry about. Every country did start eventually, we just need to show people that wikia indeed exist. If you could give me shot as a WIV for Hebrew, I will prove you that having a HE WIV is necessary. The point of WIV is for people to support their local language. I spend enough time on wikia, being active almost all the time, help as much as wikis as possible.

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    • A lot of IVT work has to do with managing communities/wikis - administrating a certain wiki is a good training for "what lies beyond" :)

      Every country did start eventually, we just need to show people that wikia indeed exist.

      I agree - I have been working for about 5 years for Wikia now, started back when international languages were still quite small. Over time I learned a lot on how wiki communities grow - and the biggest success factor was (no kidding) having a big wiki about a topic of interest to the public. Several topics turned out to work quite well, including GTA, Naruto, One Piece, Star Wars, Pokémon etc. So the best thing to create a community is to have a few wikis "of interest" and advertise them (e.g. through spotlights).

      I just had a look at the stats, and that needs really some improvement. For example, this is the Hebrew Naruto wiki, and compared to other languages it's really hardly visited. If you are going to watch out for spam/vandalism/bad edits, I can put a round of spotlights for Hebrew wikis online and see whether the wikis' traffic grows or not. But let's have the spotlight topic in another wiki. There you can also find out how to translate the interface into Hebrew, which is also an important work the IVT is doing.

      And when you write your next message, please let me know what "WIV" means - I tried googling it but haven't been successful in finding out what it means. Looking forward to the next message!

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    • I'm the current bureaucrat of the Big Bang Theory wikia, I've some admin skills but not something special. I do the maintenance for the wiki and some coding but that's it.

      WIV = Wikia International Volunteer. Do you think that me as the Hebrew Wikia translator will benefit better? Being WIV, people will recognize me better and will always ask for help, much like Ukrainian and Russian.

      I don't have any other ideas on how to proceed, let's make the final decision.

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    • As I said - we have the options available ontop (fostering wikis, creating spotlights and watching out for spam/vandalism in those, translating the interface - which are all IVT tasks), but currently we cannot give you any special rights because the community is too small. This is similar for Ukrainian language, but Wildream primarily works on Russian wikis and does have the additional rights primarily for that. If it would have been for Ukrainian language only I also had to refuse his request due to the community being too small.

      If there is an emerging need for a contact person (=a growing community), we can reconsider this, but currently this is not possible. Please consider working on the above-mentioned points if you want to help Wikia International. Nearly all of the members on our team have done a lot of meta work in their primarily language prior to being added to our team, and as much as I wish I could add members for all languages to our team, I need to make sure that the community is big enough to justify having a contact person with additional rights.

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    • And as a translator, what my tasks are? It says that I get translator rights, what are they exactly?. I agree to translate the interface as you said. I can do it and If you need a recommendation, I can get one from the Sysadmin of, I helped him a lot with translating and what not.

      Just curies, you mentioned spam/vandalism, are you referring to the VSTF?

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    • Translator rights make it possible for you to edit any translation page on If the person you are referring to would also like to translate into Hebrew (or another language available there) he can do so. There are plenty of Wikia messages to translate. Looking forward, good luck! :)

      Not exactly referring to VSTF - their main focus is to remove spam and vandalism, whereas helpers also do that, however every regular person can do that as well by reporting the affected pages on VSTF Wiki.

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