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    How can I change the color of the expand-collapse link text? In my home wiki I want to do this here I assume:

    I want the problem solved without inline CSS. I want to keep the light background color of the header.

    See the problem here:

    Also, how can I add a couple nonbreaking spaces in front of the expand-collapse link? I want this problem also solved without inline CSS.

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      The CSS selector you are looking for is ".mw-collapsible-toggle a"

      There's already a single nbsp before and after the square brackets.

      As it says on Help:Collapsing, you can use "data-expandtext" to change the text within the square brackets, but there's no parameters to change the square brackets themselves.

      edit: Wait, why do you want to add a nbsp anyway?

      .mw-collapsible-toggle { margin-left: 1em; } will add the same space as 1 nbsp.

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    • Thanks! It worked. I am still a newb at stylesheets even though I have hacked at them for years. But I guessed correctly how to adjust the CSS from what you told me.

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