• This idea is for the Vocaloid wiki.

    On the wiki we have a song listings page. This page is for contributors to post links from YouTube to make them easier to find for people who don't want to bother with filter searching. I plan to revamp the way this is done by adding more listings (not just YouTube) and creating a template that will cut the need of posting the whole URL. So the template will only require the video's id number. Going by how the pages are currently done, the template will be in use a lot on one page. I wanted to know if a templates multiple use on one page has an effect on the wikis loading and does it effect various browsers.

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    • Have a look at this page on Wikipedia, that displays info of how to check this.

      Using more templates will slightly affect loading time the first time someone views the revision (after the page is saved) - but everyone else will see a cached copy, so it shouldn't have too much of an affect on performance.

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    • Thank you,

      And I will read the page.

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    • If you run into the transclusion limit, the templates after the limit is reached will instead turn into regular links. So if you see that, you know you used too many templates. 

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