• Hi guys!

    I'm not sure how to contact the Devs here, maybe they read this here too, so let's sum up the "Problem".:

    Our Wiki (EQ2) recently added these badges that you get for certain activities and which generate a "highscore" list. It's fun, I like it, but it really could use some tweaking with the awarded points.

    For example the badge "Wiki Planner" that you get for each "250 articles added to categories" give 100 points. This is WAY TOO MUCH, because simply adding a few pieces of gear via a template that are already linked to 10-20 categories allows you to get this achievement in like 10 minutes, while a person who works hard on an article for days may get 2-3 edit counts.

    Seriously, I know it doesn't really matter, and it is just for fun, but is a bit aggravating that hard work doesn't get rewarded, but some quick and easy adds get you skyrocketed in the highscore.

    If any Devs are reading this, I suggest these changes:

    Drop the award-badge for "Wiki Planner" to a 10 or 50 reward, or only give 1-5 points per edit of an article - no matter how many categories it links to.

    Add an award for article-writers, e.g. a 10/50 points badge for each 5.000 characters typed/changed (not counting what already comes with templates!)

    Thanks! Rittmeister64 (talk) 10:04, December 19, 2012 (UTC)

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    • The badge system hasn't been changed in years, and the points system is fairly arbitrary. I think the best thing to do would be just to accept that they won't be a true representation of who's the "best" user on the wiki, because - as you're probably aware - there is no such thing.

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    • Just because a system hasn't changed in years doesn't mean that it can't be better.

      I totally agree that someone that starts a new article of more than X characters/keystrokes should get a larger form of recognition than someone that corrects a spelling error.

      Big fan of there being an overhaul of the Badges system, and any discussion that is designed to brainstorm ideas on how it could be improved (esp if what Randomtime has written is true about it not having been changed in several years).


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