• The block was made by Isabella and Lego Liker. Reason given: Inserting false information Start of block: 19:59, December 15, 2012 Expiry of block: 19:59, January 15, 2013 Intended blockee: SilverFlight Block ID: #28612 Current IP address:

    IALL, I have noticed you have banned me again. You keep doing this to me but I don't know why. I understand you want to make sure the wiki has correct information, but I try to contribute to the wiki,too, with facts. You say it's because I insert false information but you never explicitly say what I do that's wrong. Please, I want to help out the wiki, but I don't want o vandalize if that's what you say I'm doing. But you never say why. Please say what I did wrong because I do want to help the wiki, but plee undstand these blocks are unfair If you don't say what I'm doing wrong. -SilverFlight

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