• Hello, you have recently blocked my friend for a small amount of time for no specified reason, His name is Dante Krayl (I think thats his last name) and I am just wondering why, I have not seen him spam before nor has he done anything wronge before, an explination would be nice as he is sorta stressed.


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    • I cannot answer unless you give the specific block ID. Without that, there is nothing I can do to help.

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    • I am sorry, but I am still getting used to wikia, can you please explain what a Block ID is?

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    • And where I can find this block ID?

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    • For a user who is blocked, they will see a box with the block ID in it when they try to edit any page. It will have data like the following:

      You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

      Your user name or IP address has been blocked.

      The block was made by __________.

      Reason given: no reason given
      Start of block: date
      Expiry of block: date
      Intended blockee: Blocked user's name
      Block ID: #number
      Current IP address: IP Address

      If your friend would like to discuss the block, please tell your friend to contact the person who blocked them (in this case, Sulfer) directly.

      Advocating for your friend is nice of you, but blocks are typically only discussed directly between blockee and blocker, not friends or third parties. Also, it's impossible to know which block is being referred to without the block information (which you wouldn't have if you're not blocked).

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    • well, today Sulfur has blocked me again for appernet "vandilism" I have not recalled vandlising anything and my block ID is #54783. can you please explain what I have done wrong please.


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    • Ah, the New South Wales School Board.

      There are a lot of users that come in and vandalize or spam from that netblock. As such, we are forced to put blocks in place. Fortunately, since you guys seem to change IPs so rapidly, just wait a bit and you're ok. Just like now. You were blocked for "vandalism", but you could post on my page, so you obviously moved on and all is good.

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    • A FANDOM user
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