• Firstly, I'm terribly sorry for the things I've messed up on the LMBW wiki. I'd like to show how sorry I am by asking you to ban me from the chat for an unexpiring time (personal request). I'm really, really sorry. I've been a terrible user.

    Secondly, this I PLEAD you. Could you please, PLEASE consider this. For personal reasons, I'd like to ask you to someway hide my username from the LMBW. In any way, you can, maybe from Google results or something, I think that can be done. This is really, really, important. And I hope you understand how important it is to me. And, not to be selfish, but Happy Glitch Day (you know that band I made?) I know you probably will dismiss this and will not want to do it, but it's really, REALLY important to me. PLEASE at least consider this. This is extremely important.

    I'd like to apologise once again

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