• Hi Zico,

    I'm still receiving blank responses from you in your emailed support request. Did you write above the line? What was your reply? thanks!

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    • I did write above the line, shame the message didn't get through again.

      This is what I sent. this was with the screenshot I sent:

      "Alright I'll send you a screen shot, as an attachment, of what's the issue. Pretty much, when I try to link a word to another page-- whether it be an external link or another page on the same wiki-- it doesn't work properly and gives me the whole url, instead of a blue, linked word. For example, in the picture I sent you, I was trying to link the word "Here" to a page about Takeover magic on another wiki so the other user could get the information they needed. However, after I paste the url and and click that it's an external link, it just gives me the whole url. Also, here's the weird thing, it's work randomly on one or two other pages. "

      You know, I think I'm having the same issue, that y'all can't see my replies, with another staff member on a different issue I reported. Should I just paste my reply onto his talk page?

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    • This is pretty concerning. Yeah, you should probably reply on his talk page, too. Can you tell me what program you use to read your email?

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    • Actually, I just got a reply not too long ago. Also, I just MSN hotmail.

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    • Actually, no. I think he only got my screenshot but not the text of my message. I'll reply on his talkpage as well.

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