• I have some new info on it, the 2 admins that you stated were active, I just recently talked to one of them and he said they would like to make me a sysop, but there are no active B-crat's there to do so, so I was wondering if you could fix that problem. Here's the link to the conversation.

    ThanksĀ :)

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    • Hi. The admin who left the messages on your talk page said that you'll need to go through the wiki's Requests for Adminship process. Once you do that and the process is completed based on that wiki's rules, we can give you admin rights. Alternatively, if AnyGuy would like to become bureaucrat, he can request to become one and then give you admin rights if your Request for Adminship is successful.

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    • Okay, I understand now, looks like there was a bit of miss communication, I know how the Request for Adminship process goes, I just thought that he was telling me that he was allowing me to skip past it, well looks like I will be in contact with you as soon as my Request passes (if it does) Thanks for your help.

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