• Hi, Brandon i applied for buerocrat rights for GG wikia about a week ago and i've been asking around on how long it will take for you guys to look into it. some have said 2-3 days, some say 3-4 days. i just want to know from you. thanks. Also if i wanted to start a wikia for a new show "pilot" called Cult how do i do that so that it is the official Cult wikia? ALso the show is from The CW. Thanks

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    • Hi Marion. Unfortunately we've been behind on adoption requests, so it's taken us longer than we'd like to get to them. We go through them in the order that they're posted. We still have a bunch to get through before yours, but we'll be working to get through them ASAP. Sorry for the delay!

      As for your other question, it wouldn't really be the official Cult Wiki unless The CW started it, since "official" generally means something was created by, sponsored by, endorsed by, etc. the people who own it/created it/etc. However, you can still create a wiki for the show by using Special:CreateWiki. Be sure to check out our help page on starting a new wiki here, and good luck if you decide to pursue it!

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    • ok thank you, and i guess it is hard work but its fine thanks for your help. :)

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