• ¬†how to follow a page on Fandom? for example "" i want to follow this page.

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    • Click on the WATCH button at the bottom-left corner of the window. If you are viewing the mobile page, make sure to switch to VIEW FULL SITE (at the bottom of the page) before.

      Pages you edited before should be added to your watchlist by default IIRC. You can change that in your Preferences.

      To see the recent changes on your watchlisted pages go to Special:Watchlist on your wiki. That also should be linked on the bottom bar.

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    • You seem new so I just want to make sure you understand what "following" does. This does not work like Facebook. On Facebook, it is one site and you follow individual pages; each for an individual group/person. Here on Fandom, you also follow individual pages. However, unlike Facebook, it is not a single page for each topic. Instead it is an entire wiki for each topic with different wikis hosted by the same server. Following the page you linked to will let you know when there are changes made to that page. It will not let you know when someone has created a new discussion or added a new page to the wiki.

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    • That's right.

      If you are interestes in what happening in a wiki about a a specific subject, you are supposed to just go there and look at the Recent Changes page/s and at the Discussions area.

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