• Hi everyone! I’m trying to change the body text on the Adele Wiki to match the body text on the Indiana Jones Wiki. They’re SUPER similar, but there is a difference. I’ve tried everything to update it in my CSS — and at this point, I’m not even sure if it would be my Common.css page or my Wikia.css page. I’ve been messing with it for a few hours and I’ve run out of ideas. Is there anyone here who’s really good at CSS and might be able to take a look and/or spot the problem so I can change the font? Thank you SO much!

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    • I assume you’re looking for it to be used on disambiguation links?

      If yes, you can use:

      .disambig {
      	background: #D2B48C;
      	font-size: 0.85em;
      	text-align: center;
      	width: 85%;
      	margin: 0 auto 3px auto;

      However, you might not want the same color that w:c:indianajones used.

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    • Well, come to find out, it was actually an error in my global CSS, which I just realized after HOURS of trying to solve it, haha. So, I did fix that. It was not something exclusive to disambiguation links, I wanted it for the whole body text, and I didn’t see anything like that in the Indy Wiki’s CSS. Anyway, I fixed that problem. However, now I’m looking to adjust the font size slightly in my CSS at the Adele Wiki. I’ve been trying to add a font-size tag underneath this:

      .WikiaRail {                
         font-family: Arial;

      But it doesn’t appear to be working. Any ideas?

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    • Did you add !important in the .css page? You somtimes need it to prioritize that code over the default stylesheet.


      font-family: Arial !important;

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    • I just tried it on both pages and got nothing, unfortunately.

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    • Did you add the
      font-size: (number value)px;
      to the CSS? (It would be added below the font-family tag)

      It should make the article look like this:


      You can always change the numerical value to make the page more readable for users.

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    • Yeah, I just added it and it’s not doing anything differently with the font size. I put it in at size 20, just because it would be an extremely noticeable difference, but it looks exactly the same.

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    • Just tested it out with PortableCSSPad and changing the font-size with !important should work. If it doesn't work bypass your cache/wait and try again.

      But not sure if it would be the best idea, because changing the font size for the entire wiki can have some pretty wacky effects. Try keeping it to 14px at minimum.

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    • I just tried that again and it didn’t do anything. I’ll give it a few minutes and see if something changes, but so far, nothing.

      I’m testing it out — I’m not entirely set on changing the font size, and if I did, it would be VERY slight. But I want to see what looks best first.

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    • Oh, it just updated! That appeared to fix it, it just took a minute. Thank you SO much! :-)

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    • It shouldn't be necessary to set the font-size just to have the font appear. Indeed, when I remove that part of your wiki's CSS from my browser, the font remains Arial. The default CSS adjusts the font size depending on the size of the viewer's screen. By setting your own font size and using "!important", you have removed the ability for the font to adjust its size.

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