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    Template parameters dodging the mobile black magic.

    This template creates blessed things that can resist the power of the Mobile Witch, in a way that, in the mobile skin, clicking on the image leads user to the linked article, and does not open the insidious lightbox.

    The hateful Mercury did try to annihilate the images, making them microscopic (on mobile device with mobile skin) so no user could see them. But the images resisted and, if the user zooms in on the page, they can tap on the images and the link goes to another article! Honored be this template 🙌

    Let's investigate and learn from them.

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    • Very literary, but I'm not sure there is much actual useful info in this post.

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    • Do you know what actually triggers the difference in behavior? It doesn't seem to be the parser function or the table.

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    • Mecury also has a lot of problems with parsing boilerplate templates, excessively long galleries (especially in tables), and some customised texts.

      What other problems are there with the Mercury skin that work fine on the Oasis skin?

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    • "What other problems are there with the Mercury skin that work fine on the Oasis skin?"

      I’ve noticed that (occasionally) the headers don’t work properly on the mobile skin.

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    • Headers enclosed within other tags.

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    • A FANDOM user
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