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    19:09, October 16, 2020

    he threatened me if that message.

    i swear to ever loving god

    leave. me. alone.

    dont talk to me on any of my pages. dont try to contact me, or chase, or star, or bionic, or ANYONE ELSE ever again, on ANY platform. you are the absolute rudest, most obnoxious person i have ever had the displeasure of meeting. frankly, i never cared even one bit about your account so it would have been an absolute waste of time to try to get it deleted, youre just a horrible person and you got YOURSELF blocked and youre too cowardly to admit it. if you dont stop harrassing and stalking me as you have been doing for more than a year, i will contact the proper authorities. now get out of my life.



    I never harassing him or stalking!

    the truth is wanted to be his friend and he never care about anything and he going call the police on me in July 16 2019.  This how old this message is.

    if EmeraldTulip doesn't wanted be my friend it that okay because he is the rudest users ever than stardust16.  EmeraldTulip Is more crazy users that is the harassment me my sending me that message because that was old message.  Do you think it EmeraldTulip deserved a global blocked or not?

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    • Ok

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    • my GOD dude you're proving my point?????????? leave me ALONE

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    • Could stop interrupting my message!!!

      you never care about me & and my friend! If you care about me & my friend.  You told Chase McFly to told fandom staff to global unblocked my old account but you didn't because you never been so smart.


      p.s. if I tried you be your friend but I will never be your friend because you are rotten as a friend, crazy, and freaky not smart.

      if you could accepted me as a friend and two year ago this could avoided but you won't! You are ay rudest to me and get a LIFE.

      you know what the crest of hope is the strongest word.

      you never know my favorite tv shows

      when i asking you a question instead fanfiction like what your favorite tv show and you call that stalking but I did not stalking you but you never answer my question 2 years ago

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    • just leave me alone.

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    • No! You leave me alone! Stop interrupts my message and I hoping you get something bad that you derserve it.  You are stupid as a friend!

      you never care about bionicforce because I care more about him than you.

      are you worry about bionicforce because he might had the coronavirus and I asking them if he okay but you won't.  You never worry about bionicforce because you never asking him if he okay.

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