• I may have asked this already and i know i have to contact the Fandom Staff. Now for the question, How do i create my own user rights? On my wiki i am trying to make Newbie Admin Training (NAT) a thing.

    Important info:

    Wiki link:

    Wiki type: UCP

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    • If you knew you had to contact FANDOM staff, you should just do it. Creating new user rights can only be done by them. Also, the chances of getting them to do it is extremely low.

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    • Since as was said, the chances of Fandom staff to make a new rights-group for you are extremely low, maybe elaborate what your idea is and we'll be able to try and suggest alternative ways.

      For example, if what you want is to limit admins-in-train to specific actions, you can just demand them to limit themselves. As long as you are a beaurocrat and they are not - the power is in your hands to demote them in case they abuse their power in a way they weren't given permission to.

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