• Hello.  I am starting a wiki and I don't know how to upload a screenshot of the game I took a pic of.  Can somebody tell me please?

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    • Those pagea are about how to upload a file from your computer or another device into the wiki, and about adding it to a page.

      If you are asking how to save a screenshot to a file on your computer, I can answer about how to do that on Microsoft Windows.

      Press the Print Screen (or PrtSc) key on the keyboard. Then open a simple image editor (Paint comes with Windows) and choose Edit->Paste. Finally save the file.

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    • To add on to what HumansCanWinElves said, I recently learned that the intermediate step of pasting into a program like Paint or MS PowerPoint is no longer necessary. Starting with Windows 8 you can directly save the image as a PNG to the Screenshots folder under Pictures. To do this, simply press and hold the Windows key while pressing the print screen key.

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