• Okay, I know the Fandom staff won't look at this. But still. Stop migrating our communities when your stupid platform is like half done! I can think of something wrong with it in literally less than one millisecond! For example, I can't even scroll down on the notifications! Message walls are broken (quotation marks translate to what they translate to in the URL bar, for example)! You took being able to put wikicode wherever we wanted, and replaced it with that f****** mess Discussions has? Some- maybe most wikis have this warning system! We quit that? You know why? We can't use templates! Now we have to handwrite it! And, the same thing with comments! Next up... IT'S. WAY. TOO. SLOW. It takes like 10 seconds, and no- I'm not talking about on a 50-year-old computer or something. I can play really laggy games on this computer. And it's still slow! Something wrong with your stupid pool platform. Plus, our articles are broken now! You migrated us thinking everything would be better, but nope- now people can't even read what our articles say (okay, exaggeration there, but still- a handful of stuff is broken now)! How to solve it? STOP. MIGRATING. US. FINISH. IT. And make it better! Stop removing features! k copying this so u staff can see it now

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