• Hello,

    I am an administrator for Adopt Me! Wiki.

    There has been a huge issue regarding the Discussions for Adopt Me! Wiki.

    Lately, there has been a shortage of moderators, where in a few periods of time, the Discussions become unmoderated. I'm sure the Adopt Me! Wiki is probably one of the most active Discussions out there, so this will be quite a unique case. Usually, 5-10 posts per minute.

    Quite a lot of harassment and negative conversations go around, so we will need a lot of help.

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    • You can request the help of Global Discussion Moderators at Discussions Moderation Requests. They will at least periodically check on it for a bit.

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    • The long-term solution would be to identify trustworthy community members who have time to moderate Discussions. Any outside help would only be occasional, not continuous.

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