• Stupid about what punk

    I can tell by the "Stop being stupid" line, this guy is an unpleasant one.

    I just found out that I got banned from the Cautious Hero wiki for editing my Profile just like in The Asterisk War wiki!

    I know that there are people that will say: "jUst ConTact tHe sPeCiAL SuPPorT", to them I'll say, "Dudes, they'll would tall me to take it up with the mod/admin/bureaucrat/sysop that banned you."

    Then where do I find their links to contact them persona-- Oh wait, they have Twitter/Discord/Reddit/*Insert other shitty big tech platform here*.

    I'm not gonna make an aforementioned account on said platform just to talk to some egotist about my ban being unjustified! If you read the caption of the image, We can CLEARLY tell that this loser is a work of modern art.

    I'm going to kermit suduku- see you in hell, filthy mongrels!

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    • The Twitter/Discord/Reddit/Facebook links were never intended to appeal your blocks. That would mean that you are quickly harassing them cross-platform, which is not under jurisdiction of staff. Instead, the "normal" course of action here is that you contact them here on Community Central, as a neutral ground on the platform.

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    • FYI, your attitude is more likely to lead to an extension of your block, not a removal.

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