• Everything about my images has changed and I don't know what to do about it.  I have never made pages by using visual editor...I've always used source mode and barely know what I'm doing with that.  I inherited the Wiki from other people that started it so now all of a sudden you have changed my main page and I don't know how to fix it.  I will have to give this up if I can't get help.

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    • Do you have a link to the page that you're describing? Here's some of the syntax that's available in the source editor:

      <gallery position="" hideaddbutton="" widths="" spacing="" columns="" captionalign="" bordercolor="" bordersize="" navigation="">

      • position= left, right, or center
      • hideaddbutton= true or false (default); if true, it hides the add button
      • widths= the integer width of each image; don't need to include "px" and it defaults to about "180"
      • columns= if you want to force a certain number of columns before wrapping, might break the layout at certain windows sizes
      • spacing= small, medium (default), or large
      • captionalign= left, right, or center
      • bordercolor= hex (web) value of the color you want, or "transparent" if you want it to go away
      • bordersize= none, small (default), medium, or large
      • navigation= if you want each image to support a link to a target, which you can indicate with "link=<page title in wiki>"
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    • Andrewds1021 wrote:
      More information at mw:Help:Images#Rendering_a_gallery_of_images

      Awesome content

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    • A FANDOM user
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