• Hi ! Im Visiting wikis like superpowers wiki last months  I can  use drop down arrow  button  🔽🔼  t o see features content  ilike( static ,category, power and abilities, and photo) of superpowers wikis  and the fast month I see add video streaming  in my mobile view   After few months   No video streaming  related  search and the drop down -up button 🔽🔼  to see features content  not working when I tap 🔽🔼   The buttons .  every  I visit superpowers wiki and other fandom wiki I cannot view features content I use desktop view to see it but I try to use other like android phone  all features content  and video streaming add are working & drop down arrow button 🔽🔼  are working I can see features content  under the drop down arrow button  please help me this Mobile view problem 

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    • I am a bit confused about what dropdown menu you are talking about and what exactly is the problem. Can you try to explain it clearer? Also please add links.

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    • Hi Sir? My phone 📲 not load all content under the drop down arrow I tapping many times the arrow not working to I see tiering systems 11-0 level last month I can access all features and photos &user now I couldn’t see them upper photo and Link titleblank Sir I can be affect the non updated web browser to access all features Thank you very much Introduction


      The Scale


      Other statistics


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    • Actually, you are the third person complaining about that. I think possibly Fandom made a change that is not supported on old browsers.

      You may try to ask them via Special:Contact but they'll probably tell you to update your browser.

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    • A FANDOM user
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