• Hello,¬†

    as all of you know, about "UCP" named Crap, which have Deleted or should i say Deliberately Removed many Beautiful stuffs of Legacy-Wikis and is Incomplete right now.

    well, my topic is:

    do you guys know about this: <activityfeed> </activityfeed>
    which gives us a little copy of Special:WikiActivity (which no longer exists, in ucp) and this thing we use in our Main Pages usually, Right?

    Soo i Tried this Code at some UCP fandoms , but this thing didn't worked in them..

    is this didn't worked because: this <activityfeed> </activityfeed> is part of Special:WikiActivity? and as they removed wiki activity from ucp soo this thing dose not longer is part of fandom's future, Right? or Why?

    what i just said, if thats True then... (let me say this, Utilities) you guys removed many great things but again also removed such a nice and helpful thing.
    wanna block me? global-bann me? do it, but i only said the truth.

    your Gratitude!

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    • Yes, that tag relies on Special:WikiActivity.

      And it's not deleted or removed; it's technically "not added", as it was a custom feature written on old code. They're looking at making some additions to make Recent Changes easier for at-a-glance patrolling, but it's not coming back.

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    • As I already suggested to other users, an alternative to put on the main page would be:


      to show changes on article pages only



      to show changes on all namespaces.

      However, showing the activity of Discussions, message walls and article/blog comments is not possible yet.

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    • okay.

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    • A FANDOM user
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