• I got banned because I accidentally broke a rule. I was new so I didn't notice the notification thing from an admin letting me know I broke a rule. How do I get unbanned I don't think that admin will unban me. Help. Thank you.

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    • The only way is to talk to the admin on their community message wall and explain your situation, but given the reason for the block was "Abusing Multiple Accounts or Subverting a Block: Alt User Madelynnemm" it is unlikely you will get unblocked.

      Also, your main account Madelynnemm was only blocked for a week starting September 12, just be patient and wait, do not try to go around the block using alternative accounts, it will only make the situation worse and you can get an infinite ban.

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    • To clarify, you should talk to them on the message wall on this wiki, Community Central. Obviously you can't talk to them on the wiki you are blocked from.

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