• So i am a bcrat on a wiki and it says this:


    What the f?

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      • 1) Could you try refreshing the page?
      • 2) If that doesn’t do anything, use Special:Contact
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    • Just to be clear, it is the admin group that should be giving you the right to access histories of deleted pages; not bcrat. Also, since you are a bcrat and an admin, all of those other user groups are extraneous. As admin, you automatically get the rights of all local groups except bot and bcrat.

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    • Bureaucrats don't have permission for that page... are you also an admin?

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    • Yes, they are.

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    • Tamirobson
      Tamirobson removed this reply because:
      not helpful advice as I had missed a piece of information above
      03:18, September 14, 2020
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