• Would like to request power to add runescape player pages.

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    • Hello and welcome to Community Central. This is a place for users to get help with creating, maintaining, and improving other Fandom wikis. Unfortunately, it is not a place for discussing specific games. If you could clarify which game you are playing, perhaps we could direct you to a more appropriate wiki for your question.

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    • Leaguegirl1 wrote: Would like to request power to add runescape player pages.

      Since you mentioned the name: w:c:runescape seems like a good place to ask. You could also adopt the wiki.

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    • Adoption is a bit much just to edit pages.

      That wiki requires you to be autoconfirmed in order to edit. Your account will become autoconfirmed 96 hours after you have registered it. According to the database, you registered your account today (September 12, 2020) at 20:48 UTC. So you need to wait until 20:48 UTC on September 16 in order to edit on that wiki.

      Also, what do you mean by "player pages"? Are you talking about pages like this? If you are, then please be aware that those pages are intended for use by the respective Fandom users. They are not intended to contain information about in-game users who do not have a Fandom account. Even if an in-game user does have a Fandom account, most wikis consider it general courtesy to not edit other user's pages.

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