• I can't figure out how to center multiple images on the same line. If I add a "|center" to each image individually it ends up looking like this: t4Uf6QZ.png

    Without |center it looks like this:


    But I want it to look like this:


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    • The <center> tag is deprecated...


      <div style="text-align:center;"> [[file:Getting_Started_icon.png]] [[file:Contributing_icon.png]] 
      [[file:Community_Management_icon.png]] [[file:Advanced_icon.png]] </div>

      Looks like (text-align doesn't make much sense, but it works):

      Getting Started icon Contributing icon Community Management icon Advanced icon
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    • Another alternative:

      <div style="display: table; margin: auto; background-color: red;">

      Getting Started iconContributing iconCommunity Management iconAdvanced icon

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    • For all cases like these, "margin auto" should be a better option, but here on Fandom, if you want things to be centered also for mobile users, you'll have to use <center>. On legacy or on UCP wikis, to align text or images also on mobile, use the HTML tag <center>. The mobile skin destroys everything inside the "style" attribute, but I cannot change any HTML tag, and is forced in most cases to render the default style for that tag.

      That said, also note that centering things for mobile and for desktop users hasn't the same impact, because mobile devices do not have much spare horizontal spaces. If a thing is centered or not there, most people won't even notice. So, just a few things to consider when you're going to chose your method.

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    • Huh. I didn't know that even in-line styling gets removed on mobile. Well, I guess that is a good enough reason to use center tags even though they are deprecated.

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    • I didn't think about the lameness of the mobile skin... it will get problematic when center tag support is removed.

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    • Will it get removed though? Are there any examples of deprecated CSS/JS/HTML that browsers don't support?

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