• Over the past few weeks as I have been building a personal wiki for a small tabletop gaming community, I have encountered numerous issues using the graphical editor. I am using the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10.

    Some of these are minor and inconvenient, but troublesome when experienced constantly. Examples include:

    1. After pressing the Enter/"return" key to start a new paragraph, the editor decides the Shift key is going to attempt to access the formatting menu, meaning whatever letter I attempt to capitalize at the start of this next paragraph does not appear. Pressing the backspace button and Enter again resolves the issue, but this has to be done 95% of the time.

    2. Sometimes the above situation does not ever resolve, and the only way to restore the ability to capitalize the first word in a new paragraph is to save, close all instances of the browser, and reload.

    3. Sometimes loading the page to edit does not load any content. All is blank. Sometimes switching to Source Editor and back to Visual resolves it, but it is random and inconsistent, often requiring closing all instances of the browser as well.

    Ultimately this post was created after I just ended up losing approximately 45 minutes of work/typing/content because pressing Shift accidently triggered a menu and switched to Source Editing (because I was a fool and forgot to save of course - but of course, saving means I might not be able to go back and continue editing without some maddening frustrations because of point 2 above).

    Is anyone else experiencing this/these issue(s)? Am I supposed to use Chrome or some other browser (I have tried Edge *shudders*)? Is there some add-on or plug-in that I have not installed?

    And I mean no offense to those skilled web designers out there, but I am not fluent in HTML programming and have not the wherewithal to learn, not while I am both currently in school and working full time as a 37 year old lol. Looking for a more practical fix, or at least submitting this to a list of problems.

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    • Update: Also, I have now downloaded and tried Chrome and get the same issues. In fact, I could not edit the page to try and recover what I had lost: trying to edit the page does not load any of the content at all, just a blank/empty text box.

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    • Hello and welcome to Community Central. This is a wiki where users can get help from other users. If you wish to provide Fandom with feedback about the editor, please use this form. Out of curiosity, which wiki are you talking about? Fandom is currently in the process of migrating wikis to a new platform so there are at least 2 different editors you could be referring to unless we know which platform your wiki is on.

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    • Hi Andrewds1021 - thanks for your response. I will definitely submit my concerns using the attached form (and thanks for pointing it to me).

      To (hopefully) answer your question, I am referring to my personal tabletop gaming Wiki. I did indeed read yesterday that there is a migration in progress as of March (?) 2020, so this could very well be a side effect.

      However, my Wiki was created barely over 3 weeks ago. I am currently unaware of any other editors other than the default visual/source editor that I have access to as of August 19/20, 2020. I am also not running any templates.

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    • Okay. Based on what you have told me, you wiki is already on the new platform. Users other than yourself have a lot of complaints about the editor on the new platform and Fandom tried to address some of them (see here). Fandom is still working on addressing remaining issues and, in light of this fact, is attempting to port an older editor that users can use in the meantime (see here).

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    • Thank you very much for pointing these out to me. I am new to this experience and there is a lot that I have not navigated yet. Looking at those posts from the end of July and August, I seem to have just missed the official stuff. You have my thanks for pointing these out to me and it is also comforting to know these are part of a larger issue that is being addressed! For now I'll just have to take care and look for the official notices, but again, thanks for showing me this information! Have a fantastic day my friend. Cheers!

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    • In case you want to torture educate yourself further about issues on the new UCP type wikis, you can see this user-compiled list of issues and their status: User:Noreplyz/UCP

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