• I just created a new wiki here and for some inexplicable reason, my FOUNDER tag is gone. Not to mention once badges were enabled I didn't get my creator badge anymore. Is there some reason behind this, or is the wiki just being annoying? Any help appreciated. Have a good day!

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    • New wikis are created on the new Unified Community Platform, and there are some differences to older wikis. Achievements (Badges) for example cannot be customized anymore, because they will be replaced by a newer achievement system in the long term.

      The founder tag missing is a temporary thing, it is going to return.

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    • The issue regarding the creator badge has been a long-standing issue. I don't know about UCP wikis but I believe (can't 100% confirm) on legacy wikis Fandom could retroactively award it. You will have to ask staff about that.

      Honestly, the founder tag is purely cosmetic and users will see it only when viewing your profile.

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