• Yes I am aware this is already a topic, but it was closed to stop people from testing polls on it. But I have a question on how to get Polls to work, despite me looking on multiple pages for answers. But what I do is I will copy the text that would make a poll, then paste it where I want it. I would customize the poll, and then I click Save. But for some reason, a poll doesn’t appear. It just appears as text. Like this (for these I didn’t customize it)

    One Version

    . What do I do? I will go into more detail if needed.
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    • To create a poll, you need to edit it in Source edit mode

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    • A link is better than any picture. But judging by what we have, in the first picture you pasted the code using the visual editor, and in the second one you pasted it with the <pre>...</pre> tags around. You have to make it in the source editor and without the <pre> tags.

      General note for other readers: On UCP wikis, the polls extension currently is not installed. The only polls available are the polls feature on Discussions. But the wiki in question is not a UCP wiki, as you can tell from the envelope icon on the top-right corner.

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    • Okay, thank you so much! It worked! Thank you!

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