• So I found out you can customize your user signature. I know how to get to the page to change it but I don't know what I'm susposed to type to change it how I want and I don't understand code. What I want to do is change it so the text shows my name with links to my message wall, contributions, and guest book. It would be stylized (minus the color) like this signature that I copy and pasted- Creeper (T • C • G). All of that would be a yellow bolded color so it looks Star Wars themed. Finally, it would all be inclosed in a black filled in border that's rounded. I've also seen people use pictures in thier signatures so I would like to put my profile picture on both sides of the signature. I have no idea how complicated the code for all this would be so if it's too complicated, could you help me in just creating a simple signature to get me started? Thanks to anyone who helps!!

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