• Hi Everyone, i was wondering if is possible to have multiple quotes without the tabbers, in a manner that look good in the mobile and desktop version.

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    • What do you mean by "looks good"?

      On mobile, the only way to put things one besides the other instead of one below the other - is with a table, which wouldn't look great for qoutes and will be even worse with more than 2 columns.

      However, you can use headers to make the qoutes section or a particular qoute hidden at first and become visible with the user click. This way it won't take the whole first screen.

      You can at the same time make a more special layout on the desktop version using CSS styles, without affecting the mobile skin if you do that right.

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    • Is there an example about the "quote hidden"?

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    • Try for example putting this code and viewing on mobile:

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    • Thanks for helping! 

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    • For future reference, it would be good to include a link to an example of the issue. Although HumansCanWinElves appears to have solved your issue, I am still confused about what you mean by "the tabbers". Most wikis don't use the tabber extension for quotes so either you mean something else or your wiki has a unique set-up.

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