• Capture35
    I'm attempting to use a Tab View on one of my pages in order to group the three members of one group on one page, however whenever I use the tabview command, it just shows my source code on the page instead! Can anoyne help me out on this?

    Source code:

    Nicolaus Fairstar|Nicolaus Fairstar
    Isaac Fairstar|Isaac Fairstar
    Galileo Amato-Fairstar|Galileo Amato-Fairstar

    (And yes I know i removed the > from the code this is only because you can't see the code with them in)

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    • I’m not sure if that feature is available (see User:Noreplyz/UCP#Missing features for more information)

      You could use a regular tab system instead

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    • There has been no decision made about the future on Tabview on the new platform, mostly due to portability (mobile users) and SEO. You can use Tabber if you want a similar effect, or try to rewrite it in such a way that doesn't need that layout. If you have any issues, you can contact Vanguard to see if they can help in some way.

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    • If you just need help about how to transform it to a tabber, you can also ask here.

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    • For future reference, you can enclose blocks of wikitext with pre tags in order to show code.

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    • To correct/reiterate on my previous statement, there is currently no incentive to port tab view to the new platform, but it might be a bit early to state that it will not be ported. It doesn't take away the fact that it should be used sparingly though. There might be more information about how to format pages on the blog made by staff.

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    • HumansCanWinElves wrote:
      If you just need help about how to transform it to a tabber, you can also ask here.

      help would absolutely be appreciated on this

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    • This code will acheave similar results to the old tabview:

      Nicolaus Fairstar={{:Nicolaus Fairstar}}
      Isaac Fairstar={{:Isaac Fairstar}}
      Galileo Amato-Fairstar={{:Galileo Amato-Fairstar}}

      The tab headings themsleves may look different. Changing their appearance is possible with the site CSS if you are an admin on the wiki.

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    • Thank you very much, it is now working!

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    • A FANDOM user
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