• Hello, I need help. here is my template, it was supposed to display a little symbol icon with a link to it's category. Aside from that, my template works fine, but wikitext in front of it becomes in a mono-spaced font. It looks like a <pre> tag but that tag is found no where in my template. I don't know what's up. Could it be something about the line breaks? I do not want to remove the line breaks because code minified code is just plain ugly to look at. I need help.

    Edit: Forgot to post my code:

     |Investigation = {{{1}}} [[File:Investigation.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Investigation]]
     |Management = {{{1}}} [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |Executive = {{{1}}} [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |Executive Assistant = {{{1}}} [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |Maintenance = {{{1}}} [[File:lightbulb-symbol.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Maintenance]]
     |Transportation = {{{1}}} [[File:lightbulb-symbol.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Tube Operators]]
     |Science = {{{1}}} [[File:Science.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Science]]
     |Security = {{{1}}} [[File:Security.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Security]]
     |Medical = {{{1}}} [[File:Medical.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Medical]]
     |Creature Control = {{{1}}} [[File:CreatureControl.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Creature Control]]
     |Mobile Unit = {{{1}}} [[File:Mobile unit.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Mobile Unit]]
     |Athletics = {{{1}}} [[File:Coach.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Sports]]
     |Sports = {{{1}}} [[File:Coach.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Sports]]
     |IT = {{{1}}} Department [[File:IT.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:IT Department]]
     |IT Department = {{{1}}} [[File:IT.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:IT Department]]
     |Tailoring = {{{1}}} [[File:Tayloring.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Tailoring]]
     |Food and Beverage = {{{1}}} [[File:Breakroom.png|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Food and Beverage]]
     |The Big Office = {{{1}}} [[File:The Big O.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:The Big Office]]
     |investigation = Investigation [[File:Investigation.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Investigation]]
     |management = Management [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |executive = Executive [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |executive assistant = Executive Assistant [[File:Management.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Executive]]
     |maintenance = Maintenance [[File:lightbulb-symbol.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Maintenance]]
     |transportation = Transportation [[File:lightbulb-symbol.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Tube Operators]]
     |science = Science [[File:Science.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Science]]
     |security = Security [[File:Security.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Security]]
     |medical = Medical [[File:Medical.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Medical]]
     |creature control = Creature Control [[File:CreatureControl.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Creature Control]]
     |mobile unit = Mobile Unit [[File:Mobile unit.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Mobile Unit]] 
     |athletics = Athletics [[File:Coach.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Sports]]
     |sports = Sports [[File:Coach.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Sports]]
     |IT department = IT Department [[File:IT.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:IT Department]]
     |tailoring = Tailoring [[File:Tayloring.svg|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Tailoring]]
     |food and beverage = Food and Beverage [[File:Breakroom.png|{{{size|20}}}px|link=:Category:Food and Beverage]]
     |#default =
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    • Can you link to an example of this issue? I am not seeing any issue with the examples in the template's documentation and a quick test of my own didn't show any issues either.

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    • I found an example. The point is that there is a line break at the end of the template, and when you use the template in the middle of a line, the rest of the text takes a new line, and the preceding space makes it to look like a <pre> text.

      What you should do is to avoid any line-break at the end of the template. Attach the noinclude tag like that
      and make sure there is no space or line-break at the very end after the closing </noinclude> tag.
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    • Or you can use a comment to hide the line break from the parser.


      Something like that should also work if you want the line break for the purposes of maintaining a certain appearance to the template's source text.

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    • Thank you! Sorry for the late response.

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