• w:c:Dev:UserTags (instruction manual)

    I've done everything they asked but I just can't make ends meet. I don't know how much longer I can take this... you people are my last hope, please help me.

    w:c:imotwom:MediaWiki:ImportJS (no conflicting imports)
    w:c:imotwom:MediaWiki:Wikia.css (should be irrelevant)
    w:c:imotwom:MediaWiki:Common.js (help here)
    w:c:imotwom:User:AtoneTheMage (target page)

    ImportJS, CSS work perfectly fine (tags changed colors), but Common.js seems to have no effect

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    • Huh? I thought that button was decoration, I'll submit it

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    • It works in test mode, thank you so much... I thought the 'Submit' stuff was because of some import I put into my global js but it turns out js is more powerful that I thought so it must be regulated

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    • You are welcome.

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    • Yes. In the past, there have been security issues related to custom JS, verbatim tags, and custom system messages. As such, Fandom disallowed use of the verbatim tag, restricted editing of system messages to the whitelist, and implemented the JS review process that requires a staff member to approve any custom JS used by a wiki.

      The turning point was when a hacker managed to use some custom JS and whatnot to create a convincing fake login page and managed to steal the login credentials of hundreds of users including a staff member. They then used the staff account to wreak havoc across the server. I don't know the full list of offenses but it included deleting some major wikis.

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