• I'm probably thinking/going about this the wrong way, but there's some pages we have that are for cards and after grabbing some of the game UIs, I'd like to try to have them overlap the original card art images if possible (so it looks like the card from in the game but naturally, without actually ruining the card art file itself). I thought the simplest way would be to do a div class so I could target just the main image but the image data field in the infobox doesn't like that. I then thought what about border property, but that just created needless space between the card border and the image when it neds to overlap it. Sadly I can't find another community that has something similar to try and use as an example, so beginning to wonder if this is even possible? Thanks! (I uploaded one of the border images here for testing purposes)

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    • Did you use a border image via CSS? Why should it create a needless space? Would you want to provide a link for your attempt?

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