• I've been hunting around online, and I think I may have screwed up. When creating a new page, I selected Main. I want to change the title, but I can't figure out how.
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    An screenshotted image from a wiki. There is text reading "Main (disambiguation)", as well as a button labelled "EDIT". Drawn over top are the words "How to Change" (pointed to the first text) and "Doesn't work" (also pointed, this to the edit button)

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    • It shouldn't have let you create a new page over an existing one. In such cases, it should have you edit the current version. As such, I am not sure how you would "select Main". Could you please provide a link to the page so that we can see what happened? You should be able to change the title by just moving the page. However, if you accidentally overwrote an existing page, you will want to make sure to restore the overwritten version.

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